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7even Bridges 2 Cross (2018)
7 Original Instrumental Rock Tracks
15 Year Anniversary Edition
Due Out Soon!
Way back in 2003, I recorded this album, and was never entirely satisfied with the quality, despite being happy with the tracks. I made a promise that one day when I had much better facilities, I would completely re-record the album in its entirety. This year, 2018, will be 15 years since I released it, and so I have decided to finalise this project and put it out.

Every track has been redone, re-imagined, and re-recorded. All the voice effects and sound effects, are completely replicated, if not identical in some cases, changing very little from the original, only much better sound. I have made tweaks here and there, and obviously the solos are a little different to my initial frenzied attempts.My reasons for doing this, are solely based on me having better equipment and facilities, and the first two albums, 7 Bridges and Overture are in dire need of a makeover. Time Traveller was a watermark in audio quality and production for me, and I want to pay respect to these initial demo-style recordings.

This means, that as much as I have lots of sentiment attached to the original album, for the time being, I am concentrating on moving forwards(!), looking to re-record Overture, and bring my back catalogue completely up to par with Time Traveller, and have decided to lay the initial recording of 7even Bridges' to bed, give it a rename, rebrand, and re-release for 2018. I am hoping to pull some of the demos and unused tracks that were originally meant for inclusion on the first release, out of the depths of my hard drive, and re-release it with the original album, so all is not lost!

The follow up album to this, Overture, will also be getting the same treatment, either this year or next, and then I plan to remix Alive and Strange Kind Of Life. I still have the original masters of those, so that will be easier. I'm super excited as I will finally be able to play this out live too!

One thing I really wanted to do, was make the tracks segue into one another, like on Time Traveller. I think that for this album it would really work well. I promise to keep you all updated, and as soon as I can, I will get a promo video/audio clip of what the remake sounds like. I love it!

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Track Listing:

01 - My World
02 - 7even Bridges 2 Cross
03 - In The Dark At Last
04 - Shine
05 - Running Into Minds
06 - Hollow
07 - Far Reaching Sun

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