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Strange Kind Of Life (2018)
10 Original Rock Vocal Tracks
Recorded at Alive Studios, Essex 2018.

Strange Kind Of Life is my first official rock vocal orientated album. When it was originally released it won a few songwriting awards. But I was never happy with it's overall production. Fast forward(!) to 2016 and work began on remixing it for a fuller better sound.

This, to date, is my only vocal orientated rock/pop album encompassing Hard Rock, Stadium Rock, 70s Pop, 80s Pop/Rock styles This forms part of a re-release of my entire back catalogue. Each track is about various subjects, from dealing with the pressures of today's world (title track), nuclear threat (Falling Away), the obsession with perfection (Paradise), to more fun subjects like dancing (Getting Our Groove On) to my somewhat weird fascination with a certain female antipodean singer (Make My Day).

On the original album version I kept Track 11 - The Long Trip Home, hidden, with various sound effects, but on the re-release I have added it in as normal, I will leave you to determine the subject matter :) Keep it light hearted tho'!

Update: November 14th 2018. I am finally pleased to announce that my long standing commitment to bringing out my back catalogue of releases is now complete. Relaunching Strange Kind Of Life too many many hours of tweaking, and I've finally given it the green light. Smoother guitars, smoother mixing, and a better audio experience (I hope!) than the 2011 release. Expect a few minor changes, some subtle, some dramatic, but overall this relaunch now completes a long period of work for me. I hope you like it!

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Track Listing:

01 - Strange Kind Of Life
02 - Falling Away
03 - Paradise
04 - Movin' Up
05 - Getting Our Groove On
06 - Make My Day
07 - Make The World Stop
08 - Crossfire
09 - Everythings Gone
10 - Sanity

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Lyrics & Useful album information

Strange Kind Of Life occured when walking in Amsterdam and seeing this little dark alleyway. I managed to snap a picture of me, and of the alleyway, and kept coming back to this picture thinking it would make for a great album cover of rock original vocal songs. Simple as that really. I love the whole urban feel of it with the sprawling graffitti.

For the album relaunch, I wanted to make available better lyric sheets for those that want them. I've left out the bonus/hidden track 11's lyrics, "The Long Trip Home" though, see if you can figure them out :)

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1 - Strange Kind Of Life

2 - Falling Away - Page 1

2 - Falling Away - Page 2

3 - Paradise

4 - Movin' Up

5 - Getting Our Groove On

6 - Make My Day - Page 1

6 - Make My Day - Page 2

7 - Make The World Stop

8 - Crossfire - Page 1

8 - Crossfire - Page 2

9 - Everything's Gone

10 - Sanity - Page 1

10 - Sanity - Page 2

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