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Here is some really useful charts, sheets, articles and lessons that may help you in your quest for guitar wizardry.
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Guitar Chords CAGED System | For Beginners to Intermediate.

Open Position Chords

The CAGED System 1

The CAGED System 2

The CAGED System 3

Guitar Scales | Major Scales | Major/Minor Pentatonic Scales | For Intermediate to Advanced.

Major Scales 1

Major Scales 2


Gmaj-Emin Pentatonic

Dmaj-Bmin Pentatonic




Guitar Articles | Altar of Rock | Theory of Rock | For Intermediate to Advanced.

Altar of Rock 1 - The Major Scale

Altar of Rock 2 - Blues/Dorian Hybrid Scale

Altar of Rock 3 - 7th Chord Workout

Theory Of Rock 1 - Minor Pentatonics

A4 Printable Sheets | Various useful lesson resources.

Guitar Chord Boxes

4 Blank Guitar Necks

Guitar Necks and TAB

Guitar Necks and TAB 2

Blank Bass Necks

Guitar TAB

Guitar TAB 2

Manuscript and TAB

Traditional Manuscript (arrgh!)

Guitar Lesson Resource | Complete Pack

Download everything above, all the lessons, articles, chords, scales,
unlocking the guitar neck, and the blank printable charts in one go....

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