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The Big Saturday Night Rock Show #47 | Out Soon!

Kicking off the new year with something fun to help keep you all entertained through lockdown. I'm about to start building the set up and finalise the set list. Keep checking back here for a release date on the show, and for exclusive information.

Update: Feb 2021 - I've just finalised the new set.. show recording starts now! My aim for the first part of this year, is to record in digital quality tracks that were done early on in my shows. I'm always looking to improve things and make them as good as I can.

March 2021 Update: Due to me getting my After Hours live streamed show up and running, shows are being put back for a few more weeks, but fear not, I have a new Blues Show out, and the Rock shows will be back soon!

Watch my latest Monday Blues Session Show Episode 13 here

Stay safe everybody, and see you all soon!

Online Shows