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Exclusive Subscription Based Live Streamed Events.

After Hours is the place to be for my live streamed events. It is a subscription based only service.

After Hours - The After Hours stage area in my Studio allows me to stream live to members on a regular basis. New and improved cabling, and camera improvements happen all the time, expect multi-camera angles and high quality audio! Exclusive live streamed shows each week. Come and meet and chat to like minded people whilst I'm performing and even tip using Streamlabs and chat live on screen to other members!

My three main shows, The Monday Blues Session, The Friday Night Rock Show and The Big Saturday Night Rock Show, are all pre-produced shows which I put out for free on social media, YouTube, Facebook. These will continue on, but I want to offer something more for serious SF fans...

After Hours is a continuation of these shows, but live streamed directly from my studio here in Essex. Different from the produced shows, these have much more of a live feel to them. Chat and interact with other members, and make song requests, even donate live and have your name and message displayed on screen whilst the show is on.

The only way to watch these exclusive live streams, is by:

1 - Invite Only.
2 - Paid Subscription.
Payment can be made via.PayPal.

The cost of a subscription per month is £5.50.

You are welcome to setup a Direct Debit each month so you don't forget. If payment is not received by the 1st of every month, your subscription will be automatically removed.

Email me at to arrange bank details.

Donate/Tip Live On The Stream - Or Using PayPal!

Using Streamlabs you will also be able to tip live on my stream, as well as use regular PayPal tipping from this website using my Donate page.

Any donation, however big or small, all helps to support me as a working musician. Thank You!

Once the subscription payment is made, you will be added to the After Hours Private group, and receive weekly live streamed event links through social media, or via. email. Think of After Hours as the "VIP" area. Chat live to other After Hours members, make song requests and message me directly whilst I'm playing.

After Hours - The Next Live Stream(s) are listed below:
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Tip Live on air using Streamlabs

Use my live Tip Jar on my stream using Streamlabs!
Your Tip will appear on the live stream while I am playing, as well as your personal message!
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On the days when I am gigging I do shows midweek, or on the Sunday.
Please check the After Hours schedule often, as I often add/amend shows.
Thank You for your continued support!

July 2021

#34 | Sat 3rd July | 10PM
#35 | Thurs 8th July | 10PM - Surprise Show!
#36 | Sun 11th July | 5PM
#37 | Sat 17th July |10PM
#38 | Sat 24th July | 10PM

August 2021

#39 | Sun 1st Aug | 5PM
#40 | Sun 8th Aug | 5PM | 40th Show Special!
#41 | Sun 15th Aug | 5PM
#42 | Sat 21st Aug | 10PM
#43 | Thurs 26th Aug | 8PM

September 2021

#44 | Sat 4th Sep | 10PM

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Disclaimer | Please Read: Distributing or sharing live streamed links as an After Hours member, and/or anyone found to be uploading or sharing After Hours content for non paying subscribers will result in your suscription being terminated permanently with immediate effect. At any time, I reserve the right to withdraw your membership to this live stream service. This is my livelihood. Thank your for your understanding and support.