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 Twitch Live Streams:  Background | Info & History

Twitch History: I've been streaming on Twitch Since November 2021, making Affiliate a month later Dec. 

Front Page Hype!
In March 2023, I was put on the front page for the first time attracting thousands of viewers. In April 2023 Twitch music placed me on the front page again for a month, and again from Dec 8th 2022 until January 11th 2023, where I was placed on the front page carousel. 

As of September 2023, I have around 5.1k followers on my Channel, with over 3.5million views on my channel to date!

About my live streams: I like to create multi-camera, multi-format Shows when I live stream.  Classic Rock from the 60's-90's and some modern day stuff, lots of instrumentals too,  Rock, Metal, Pop, Covers & Originals. 

All of my shows are fully interactive. I like to engage the chat as much as possible helping to forge a strong, loyal regular community of viewers who feel like they're a part of something unique each stream.  

Live Loops: Sometimes I like to do Chat & Jam streams where I live loop everything, nothing pre-recorded. I can go off and create long form music streams mashing up various riffs and themes. It's a complete blast.

 All Shows are 9PM U.K. Time on Mon, Weds & Fri.
■  Check my Discord for any changes!
 I also do surprise live streams in between.
These include Chat & Jam shows & other Themed Shows.

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 Twitch VODs | Watch all my Live Streams from Dec 2021-Present on YouTube HERE

I try to keep these up to date so anyone that misses my strims on Twitch can watch them later over on YouTube. Copyright laws sometimes mute the audio as I play covers sometimes.

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