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Hey! Steve Forward here...

Thanks for visitng my website. I've been a full time musician since 1995. I've gigged constantly both in bands and as a solo performer and have played on countless jingles and sessions for both TV and Radio.

I also write backing tracks for companies during the day and keep myself busy privately teaching guitar (and piano). 

I also live stream YouTube, Twitch and Kick.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or enquiries you may have by emailing me Cheers! 

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Live Stream Schedule
Twitch - Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 9pm (UK)  | YouTube - After Hours Show - Sunday - 8pm (UK)
Kick - Times and Days Vary - Mostly Popup Streams. Please follow me on each platforms!

 You can find my produced content, my live streamed show After Hours, any Twitch VODs, and loads of content on here.
 YouTube is my main platform for content creation as well as live streaming. 

 Twitch Live Streams:  

I came to Twitch in November 2021, and was made Affiliate a month later in Dec 2021.
A few months later I was featured on the front page carousel in March 2022, the so called "hero slot", then put on the front page for the entire month of April 2022 (30 days), and again in December 2022.

I have built up strong community from all over the world on Twitch, and continue to grow using other social media platforms. It remains a great platform for me to stream to.

All Shows are 9pm U.K. Time on Mon, Weds & Fri.
I also do popup streams in between. These include Chat & Jam shows & my One Floyd (Pink Floyd) Tribute Show, as well as any tech/studio tutorial type streams.

I mainly live stream to Twitch 3 times a week with three different shows. I vary these formats quite a bit, but they mostly include originals, and cover sets. I also like to theme my shows from time to time to keep it interesting for my community.

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 Kick Live Streams: 

I'm also a Kick affiliate!
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■  Live Shows - IRL (In Real Life)
I do solo rock gigs at various pubs/clubs/venues around the Essex area in the UK.  I'm open to dep gigs as well with bands.
I've put on solo Pink Floyd tribute shows too in large scale venues.
Find out where I'm playing and more using the links below

■  See Full Gig Guide| ■  Check my Setlist for Videos |  Download Gig Posters Here

 One Floyd - Solo Pink Floyd Shows (Venues)

 Classic Rock Solo Shows (Bars/Clubs)