⭕🔥Stream Chatbot Commands for Twitch | YouTube | Kick

⭕🔥 This page is where you can find all of my stream chatbot commands.
⭕🔥 I'm aiming to get this done across all three platforms, so bear with me.
⭕🔥 I may disable/change the emote wall and popups at my discretion. 

⭕🔥 Chatbot commands can vary from show to show
⭕🔥 !commands works for Twitch only, not YouTube.
⭕🔥 For festive, Halloween streams commands will be updated in the chatbot.

YouTube Nightbot Commands:
!commands in YouTube will give list.

Kick | Botrix Commands: 

Twitch Commands | All Users:  

Main Commands:




Other Commands:


Tips/Dono's Support:



Steve Links:


Song Requests:


Twitch Commands | Subscribers:   Twitch Sub Emotes bttv emotes

Full Screen Popups:


Animated Popups:



Phil & Steve Popups:



Twitch | Individual VIP Legend Commands.

Karen Warbis:


Phil Smyth:


Other Legends:

!harmooni - Harmooni
!paul - PaulTEntertainer
!fabulous - Brenda Fabulous
!mipals - MiPals
!lou - Lou Vella

Other Legends:

!foxy - !foxyentrance - Foxy Harley
!mo - Mogeo Games
!mandy - Amanda Easton
!brucebop - Rico West
!mrsrico - Chardley's Girl (Rico)

YouTube Nightbot Commands.

Main Commands:



Main Commands:


YouTube Friends:



YouTube Friends:

!pat - !redhouse


Social Commands:

!s - All Socials


Stream Support:


⭕🔥 This list is updated regularly.
⭕🔥 Some stream formats may not have popups enabled and emote wall.

⭕🔥 Mod Commands | Further help:
⭕🔥 Please see my discord for the latest command updates in the mod channel.