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Gigs | Playing Live | The Early Days 

Gigging at The Red Lion, Stevenage (2000)

Depping with Cry Wolf/Blackfoot Sue (2004)

One of the things I've wanted to do was add a few photos and info from the past, my college days, my early London gigging days etc. Read on...

Early Beginnings: I started gigging at around 13, playing at Technics Music Shows, on the keyboards and organs, great times. I got to play a few decent venues, like the Westcliff Theatre a few times, The Beck Theatre in Hayes, loads of places, but the game was up when I heard Jimi Hendrix's, 'Voodoo Chile'. I knew then at 15, I'd be a lifelong guitar player.

  Brief history: I guess I used to go and watch live bands since the 1980s, then one day I was invited to get up and play. I loved it but it was extremely nerve wracking with people watching. About 1992 I played a few school shows doing sixties songs, and I'd been playing guitar then about 2 years off and on, I was a pretty quick learner.

London in the 90s: Around 1994 I started doing the odd dep gig with bands, but didn't really start gigging properly until 1995 when I moved to London. This is merely a guide as there are plenty more gigs that I've done over the years,and countless recording sessions whilst living in London.

History: From 2002 to present day this page will keep a record of all gigs that I've played. People often ask me where I played, and when at gigs, and which ones they'd been to, so this archive serves a purpose. See the gig history dates page. I will be updating this as and when.

Private/Corporate functions are sometimes not listed though,  mainly only the public gigs are shown. Before I get too old and senile, I like to keep a record of who I've played with and where. It's nice to look back on these heady days sometimes!

Dep gigs are fun: I've depped with bands like Cry Wolf (Blackfoot Sue) and East of Java, and many other bands, and it's great fun to do! I've done gigs with Luke Niami, Roachford's Drummer and Phil Williams, Tony Hadley's bass player.

Far and wide: I played loads of places, Bad Bobs Covent Garden, The Roadhouse etc.. and further afield, I've played The Winter Gardens, in Isle of Wight, Festivals in Ireland, and in 2015, I played a huge corporate gig in Belgium, for a steel mill company! I got treated like royalty. Corfu a few times jamming with some bands out there, Cyprus and Tenerife in 2017 too. Europe is definitely a great place to gig.

Cover Bands (1994-2007

The Sabbath | 2004

JB's, Dudley | 2006

Limelight, Crewe | 2006

Cavern Club | 2006

I  started playing regular live gigs around 1994 after playing guitar for around 2/3 years in his hometown Clacton on Sea. Upon moving to London I played in various cover bands on the circuit at the time around North-East London and beyond. 

During these years, 1999-2007, I pretty much played every known venue in the UK! JB's in Dudley, The Limelight in Crewe, tours of all the theatres in Scotland (with a broken leg!).  Seen it, been there, bought the t-shirt, lol. Those were great days, very rock 'n' roll.

Should any gig info pop up or any news, I'll post it up. There's a few videos of me playing in these and other bands floating around the net I believe.

I was in a band called Metalworks with Tony Parsons and Les Binks, who I'm still good friends with to this day, and then I formed Preacher in 1999-2006 overlapping with The Sabbath, a Sabbath/Ozzy tribute band in 2002-2006, before finally going solo in 2007.

In 1999, I got to perform with original Iron Maiden front-man (Paul Di'Anno) in London. A few cool things like this just happened back then!

College Days | London Days | The 90's...

Here's a few pics from way back of various people when I was studying at College in the mid-90's,
along with some famous and not so famous, but equally important people, who have helped me along the way.
These were definitely heady days, filled with lots of parties, late nights,  and God knows what else!  

1996 | LSE | Graduation Gig M.I. London. Gareth Morgan on Bass. 

Graduation Day March 1996. (L-R)
Mario Abbagliati (gtr). Pete Langman (gtr), Merlin Rhys Jones (gtr).

...with fab guitarist Ivor Goldberg.
Remember the Kellogs' Pop Tarts ad?!

My ear training tutor Eran Kendlar. Amazing Musician!

Jennifer Batten Clinic 1995.

Gig with Shania Twain's Drummer Winston.

Backstage... The Standard, Walthamstow. (l-r),
Pete Cowan (drums), Mark Snowling (bass), Me,
Tony Parsons (gtr), Paul Sweeney (gtr/roadie).

Heading out for a gig with Tony Parsons (Iron Maiden), Les Binks (Judas Priest) and ace roadie Paul Sweeney!

Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, for the day!
I had the chance to chat at length to them both!