30 Years Experience of Teaching...

Studying weekly with a local tutor is simply the quickest way to get better.  

With over 22+ years of teaching students from around the world, in colleges, universities, lectures, rock masterclasses, adult education classes,  I've seen my fair share of students! 

I started doing private guitar tuition back in 1995. 

Registered with the Registry of Guitar Tutors since it's inception in the mid 90's, I was one of the first tutors to be listed and approved.  Soon after, I started taking on a lot of teaching work in Schools, and sixth form colleges. 

Many of my students have gone onto achieve Grade 8 RockSchool examinations, and become professional musicians themselves.

Remain a student of the Guitar...

Nobody will ever achieve a  virtuoso status on an instrument without a solid, intelligent, well thought out DPR (Daily Practise Routine).

As I teach a lot of adults, It's important to be clear on the level of commitment involved in learning, especially when as adults we have more things going on in our lives. 
Remaining a student of the guitar, keeping your head down, and focus on little tiny goals, will keep your enthusiasm and interest up. 

I can help you establish life-long practise habits through structured, well thought out long term goals. 

"Music Theory will stifle my natural abilities as a musician..."

In today's fast paced world, we all want results yesterday, but however enticing the thought of hitting up YouTube or Google for help learning an instrument, nothing will get you there quicker, or faster than investing in regular weekly one on one guitar lessons with an experienced dedicated personal tutor.

Pretty much all of the guitar players I took my guitar style from, had some form of training one way or another. I doubt Hendrix could read a note of music, yet touring with the Isley Brothers on the Chitlin Circuit, following the horn section, probably did more for his ear training, and stagecraft.  

"Jimi Hendrix never took guitar lessons. Why should I?"

Hendrix was insanely gifted, but for everyone else, and if you are looking to get there fast, there is no better way than learning your music theory, and studying from the past masters. 

Eric Clapton has been playing guitar for 50+ years or more.
He uses little more than a few scales, but makes them sound magical. I'd rather get you there in 5 years, than have you slog away for 50.  :)

"All the good music has already been written by people with wigs and stuff. "  - Frank Zappa.

All Trained Musicians...

All of the greatest musicians and composers ever to have lived, J.S. Bach,  Ludwig Van Beethoven, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  They were all trained musicians. They studied. Hard. Zappa, was correct.

Believe it or not,  knowing what a Dorian mode is, or a Secondary Dominant, will actually make you a better musician and guitarist in the long run. 

Taking what you already know as an experienced player, or even building you up from a beginner working together with a tutor on a regular basis will give you focus and determination to achieve your goals.

For me, the bottom line was that the great composers all studied music and music theory. Nuff' said!

I also don't believe that learning theory will stifle your natural flair, feel or passion on any instrument. 

Wether you want to become a musician full time, join a band, play on a cruise ship around the world,  or just plain get better as a guitarist, get in touch, and let's get to work on helping you achieve your own goals.