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Good even response.
Ernie Balls string Rock!

Strings are Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky (9-46) for all my electrics. I like the feel of the heavier gauge on the low end, but prefer 9's on the top for string bending.

I've been an endorsee of Ernie Ball guitar strings for years now. They're fab!

I usually put on a fresh set of strings for every gig, the night before, or sometimes at the gig if I'm running late!


By the end of the first set, I can deaden a complete set of strings as I play quite hard live! Grr! 

Don't mean to be picky..
These 1.5mm Delrin500 are my faves!

Picks are custom made by Jim Dunlop from the USA. They are made of Delrin500, 1.5mm, in white, with my name on. 

The reason I have them in white is I usually lose them at gigs, and it's almost always dark, so as white is naturally luminescent, I prefer that colour.

Having them with my name on is no big ego thing,  it was free to have it on, so I decided, what the hell! 

I pick quite hard when I play, as I believe that you get a better tone that way. The downside is the Delrin plastic wears out very quickly. I can get through several picks in one gig!