Signal Chain

The response to people asking about my live rig, from seeing my YouTube videos has been crazy. So I've decided to add a new signal path chain page to go through each step of my live rig. Remember for all my Blues Shows, or studio session work I mainly use Amplitube, but for the Friday/Saturday night rock shows, I use the JMP-1 direct to desk. More info on that on the other gear pages...

Pedalboard Signal Chain

I like to keep the gear to a minimum, but over the last 20+ years, I've pretty much kept it a traditional guitar > pedals > amp setup.
To start with, the guitar hits the pedalboard....

Rack Signal Chain

From the pedalboard, I then go straight into the JMP-1, a mono FX loop into the Alesis, then either speaker emulated out to FOH/PA, or a Master Out to the amps.The Marshall 4-way footswitch allows me to MIDI switch channels. For live work I always go Mono, and for studio recording, such as for the Friday/Saturday Night Rock Show recordings, I go fully Stereo from the Speaker Emulated Left + Right outs into one of my UR824 sound cards.

Amp Signal Chain

If I decide to use amps, then I can go from the Master Out of the JMP-1 into the Power amp input mod of one of my 2203 100w Heads. It's rare these days that I use anything other than a Marshall JMP-1 preamp direct to desk with my pedalboard, as I've just found it sounds good in all environments, but where a band dep or session is needed, then I wheel out the 100watt valve heads and 4x12" cabs.
From there, I have two further options of either running straight into one or two 4x12" cabs, or into my PDI-03 then straight to desk.