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Live Stream Schedule (All Times are GMT)
Mon - Weds - Fri - 9pm - Twitch Sun 8pm - YouTube (After Hours)

Live Streaming Announcement | 2022
As my venture into live streaming continues, I continue to grow, change, and adapt the shows I put out.
I would like to point out that SFLive and The Monday Blues Session shows will be coming back at some point.
I have plans to integrate my original content with cover content over on my Twitch channel and my After Hours show.
I appreciate all your support so far!

Twitch Live Streams:

I mainly live stream to Twitch 3 times a week with. I vary these formats quite a bit, but they mostly include originals, and cover sets. I also like to theme my shows from time to time to keep it interactive.

All Shows are 9PM U.K. Time on Mon, Weds & Fri.
I also do surprise live streams in between. These include Chat & Jam shows & my One Floyd (Pink Floyd) Tribute Show.

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After Hours - Every Sunday at 8pm on my YouTube Channel Features original and cover content.
It's worth noting, that I will not be able to play a wider variety of music as I can on Twitch, due to YouTube's ridiculous blocking policies.
You can donate to me directly, or even pay a monthly £5.50, and get priority song requests and access to the After Hours Discord and Facebook Groups. More info HERE
YouTube is also the place where I put my produced content, any Twitch VODs, and loads of cover/original content.
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