🔴🎸 Hey! Thanks for stopping by!

  I'm Steve Forward, a Musician and Music Producer from Sunny Essex, England, UK.  I write, produce & play my own music and produce music for others.

I've somehow stumbled onto live streaming during the pandemic, first starting on Facebook in Feb 2021, then moved to YouTube later than year, and then started streaming to Twitch on Nov 10th 2021.

I've fallen in love with the warm community that's out there. So it's looking like I'll be live streaming on Twitch | YouTube for a while.

In December 2023 I made Twitch Partner, and two weeks later became a YouTube partner. I'm a Kick Affiliate also, and multistream 4 days a week on all three platforms. 

🔴🎸 About My Live Streams...

My live streams on Twitch and YouTube, and wherever else,  I perform a mix of covers and original music, from my back catalogue. They're mostly music guitar streams, but also some piano/keys playing, and singing.

My two main show formats are my multi camera/video streams, where I stand up,  and my chat & jam streams, where I sit down, and live loop everything using Ableton.

All of the tracks you hear are produced and edited by me at my studio. Exceptions will be stated if I'm using tracks by other people, but they are few.  

Show Formats...

My main show formats for live streaming are split in two, and sometimes they meld into one. My main rock show format where I stand up, and my chat & jam streams where I live loop.

I come from a gigging live music scene of playing in bands, and in 2007 I went solo and gigged with just my backing tracks. Live looping on streaming platforms like Twitch has helped me acquire new skills that are fun to do.

Sometimes, these two shows are combined, with some green screen streams too, especially during Halloween, Christmas or special stream celebrations.

On my After Hours show on YouTube, it's rare that you'll see me do a chat & jam stream, but on Twitch, I change the show formats all the time. 

Main Rock Show Format.

My main rock guitar show, where I stand up, uses  multiple cameras, custom made videos, and self-made backing tracks. 

I differ from other live streamed shows with this format, in that I want to bring a live show experience to the platforms.

I still also do some live loops using the AxeFx.

Tracks run from a separate laptop then fed into a physical mixer then out to the streaming PC's sound card inputs 1+2.

All the videos are custom edited using royalty free video footage. These are sync'd to the backing track length so that when they start, they're in sync.

 Autohotkey controls Showbuddy on the remote laptop, and OBS/VLC on the stream PC.

Chat & Jam Show Format.

For Chat & Jam Shows I run Ableton Suite 11, A nektar pacer MIDI floor controller, and a few APC40mk2's. 

I use loopback to send my audio from Ableton to OBS. nice and simple.  A seprate out from Live feeds me a click. 

I can use Ableton to go off into long form jams, whilst interacting with the chat, and changing the style and feel as I feel is necessary.

These shows are all completely live, I try not to use my backing tracks for these shows giving something different to my community, but now and again, I will do. 

About Me:

Professionally, as a guitarist, my playing career has seen me play with people like Les Binks (Judas Priest), Tony Parsons (early Iron Maiden days),  Bernard Purdie (Barry White band), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) through to comedy legends like The Grumbleweeds in 2021. Once, I got the chance to play The Ace of Spades with Motorhead's Würzel! woo! :D

As a guitarist I've played on lots of Radio & TV jingles for fab producers like Ian Curnow (Talk Talk/EE Music/Take That/Kylie) for shows such as the Alan Carr Chatty Man Channel 4 TV show, and have been involved with jingles for BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4, and Sky.

As a producer, I also write backing tracks for various private clients, choirs, and corporations, cruise ships, so that has opened up my musical perspective to all genres of music.

Lastly, you might see me playing piano on stream now and again. My first instrument was piano/organ, and in 2019, I began teaching piano again to a small roster of students, teaching the ABRSM Grades.

More Info Here:  Full Biog Here | Gig History Biog Here

🔴🎸 Classic Rock Magazine:
Classic Rock Magazine found one of my videos on Facebook and it went viral back 2017. So since then, Purple Rain has kind of been my song to close sets with. I'm currently going viral with over 1.3m views of it over on Facebook Classic Rock Magazine.
Check It Out here.

Song List | Covers | Originals | View Full Song List Here

Classic Rock Covers:
My main musical love is Classic Rock. 60's-90's and beyond, with a big amount of love for Pink Floyd and 70's Rock.
On the subject of Pink Floyd - sometimes on my streams I play full album streams of Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall, Wish You Were Here, The Division Bell, and many other Floyd Classics from Meddle etc.
I have a separate website for my Pink Floyd cover show called One Floyd.

 Original Catalogue:
On my live streams, I also play a lot of original material too.
From my Instrumental Rock Albums to my Vocal Rock Albums.
You can listen to them on my Music Page.