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Where can I book you to play?

   Anywhere that is not outdoors. That is a no.1 rule for me. We are in the U.K, and the weather can turn so easily. 

   No flimsy marquees, or put up tents, unless they're super heavy duty industrial style ones, with a proper groundsheet will stop rain covering everything and everyone

   It never ends well, so as a rule, please book a hall, or have a sufficient space available.  Thank You.

Are you expensive?

In a single word, No!  I am reasonably priced. I carry everything I need to entertain a crowd, full 3k PA system, and lights.

I no longer use smoke/haze machines just to be clear due to covid restrictions.

When costing up a private booking, I allow for petrol, travel times, setup times, and length of sets

How long do you play for? 

Depending on the evening,  if it's going really well, I can play up until midnight.  Normally playing times are  either 2x45's, or 2x1hr slots. 

But that is never a rule, I'm there to help your party or event go well, and I'm always happy to play for longer. Get in touch and let's have a chat!

Can you come and play in my house?

Yes. I've done numerous house parties, and provided the house is big enough,  and I have adequate space to setup, I'm more than happy to come and play for you.  

The last few private house parties were absolutely brilliant. I really like them, they're usually filled with lots of happy people celebrating a loved ones birthday or event/milestone. 

How far do you travel?  

I've played private corporate events in Europe,  and done house parties a few streets away from where I live!  If the fee is right, and I'm looked after well,  then I can promise you, I will make sure I give 100%.  

It's important for everyone to feel happy and be comfortable with a booking.  

What time do you need to arrive and setup?

Generally speaking, if a gig is going to start around 9pm-11:30pm, then I would prefer to be at the venue around 6pm, especially if it's a new venue for me, so can navigate loading in with the equipment, and setting up.  

I like to be ready to start at least an hour before showtime, so I can make sure everything is  working. 

Can you provide background music before, in between and afterwards?

I keep a list of legally licensed music on my laptops and can always play background music before, in between and after my sets. This is all part of my service. This music can be pre-arranged, or left up to me. This further enhances your event and leaves you free to focus on the people at your party. 

Please note that breakdown/pack up times are around 40mins-1hr so please allow for this at the end of the night.  I mostly have a cut off point of around midnight to allow for travelling back/packing up times. Thanks.
If you are wanting to book me solely for a DJ, then please check out my other site here.

Do you do any Adele, or Daft Punk? Your music is not what we want or like.

Then why are you reading this? :) On a more serious note, I play Classic Rock and Pop tracks from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and 00's.

Sadly I am not a human jukebox. I play what I do because I feel that is what I play best.
If you have a request and I know it, and more importantly if I have a track for it, then yes! sure no problem, I can do it. As for playing any Adele or [insert famous chart topping artist here]  I very much doubt It.

Although I do play my own instrumental version of Lady GaGa/Bradley Cooper's, 'Shallow'  so you never know

Can my friend sing or play using your system? She's very good, and I want her to sing for us all, is this possible? 

Mostly, I say no to anyone using my equipment during a private booking. This is due to equipment insurance and PLI (Public Liability).  Boo Hiss Boo! Yes, I know... 

Are you a lunatic?

Yes, absolutely. I keep chickens in the basement, and regularly perform satanic rituals.  So we will get along just fine!  :) 

Great, I want to know more...  Easy! Email me here: