I've just setup my new Guitar Zone Website & Discord channel.

If you want access to more lesson material, videos, live video/chat all for one low cost fee of £1 a month, then this is the place to be!

I've got a ton of content already in there, and will be updating the website and Discord channel area regularly! 

Want to know more? Click Here


DEC 28th 2023 | YouTube Partner!

Hot on the heels of my Twitch Partnership, once again after completing the YouTube Partner requirements, I received the news this morning, that I had been accepted into the YouTube Partner program.

I now have acess to Super Chats and Super Stickers on my live streams, as well as Super Thanks - a way to instantly tip - on my video uploads.

Big thanks to everybody who have given me help on this one, and to my amazing mods, and to my Karen X (Miss Wiggles) once again! 


DEC 12th 2023 | I Made Twitch Partner... 

A lot of sweat, graft, and determination and today I received the fab news that I'm now a Twitch Partner.
A new part of my live streaming journey starts now. But first I plan to take a few days out to chill.

I'll be announcing my Partner Party Soon!
Big thanks to everybody who have given me help, and to my amazing mods, and to my Karen X (Miss Wiggles)

Stream my back catalogue of original instrumental and vocal music now on all the major streaming platforms...


LATEST NEWS: Thurs 5th October 2023 | Site Updates & News...

All my music on Distrokid/Major streaming platforms!
Massive website overhaul....

Hey All!  My apologies for not updating the website sooner...
I'm back out gigging most weekends, as well as live streaming in between over on Twitch and YouTube, and now on Kick

The Big News is that my YouTube channel is now an OAC (Official Artist Channel)  so you'll notice a small music note next to my channel!

Also - all of my original back catalogue of instrumental and vocal music is out on the big streaming platforms finally! 

I've also given this website and my One Floyd site a massive overhaul! I wanted to collate all the infromation from my live streaming and social media and bring it together, with a new update. Take your time to explore the new site.

I'm now on Link Tree. It took me a while to around to the idea, but I now love it.
Everything all in one place -🌴
Hope to catch you on a gig or live stream soon. Stay safe! Big Love x 

NEWS: Mon 11th Oct 2021 | New VLog!

It's been way too long folks, but here is another VLog #004! 
Thanks for all your support so far!

NEWS: Sat Aug 7th 2021 | New Live Streamed Show!

SFLive (Steve Forward Live) is the name of my new Wednesday night 9pm show.
Featuring music exclusively from my original instrumental catalogue, from 7 Bridges 2 Cross, right up to demos and future original releases.  The show is very different from my Monday Blues Session show on a Monday, with a more sci-fi feel to reflect the style of music.

It's already out there to watch, see opposite for the latest show!
Just like the Monday Blues Session,  I will be doing these live streamed shows weekly and making them public.

Just like the Monday Blues Session, you can Tip/Donate live on the stream using Streamlabs.

NEWS: Wed 21st July 2021 | Live Streamed Shows...

Hey Everyone!  I've been super busy getting my After Hours live streamed subscription service off the ground. From February 2021 until about the beginning of July, it's been a hard slog getting everything setup.

I have plans to resurrect the Friday/Saturday Night Rock Shows with a new format for this Autumn, so don't worry, they'll be back!

In the meantime, I just put out Episode #15 of The Monday Blues Session as a live streamed event.

There are also plans to do an original live steamed show, simply called, Steve Forward Live. 

NEWS: Fri 12th March 2021 | New VLOG page launched!

In order to address as many questions as possible, I've decided to film a video log (VLOG) for this website.   Launched today with the very first episode,  check it out here:   Video Updates | VLOG

It's fun, unscripted, unedited, and completely live!
Shown here: A rare shot of rehearsals for the next live streamed show. My other half Karen rehearsing the songs for her guest appearance on After Hours.

NEWS: Fri 26th Feb 2021 | Shows Updates...

As many of you have been aware, I've taken a bit longer than usual to get back to producing new shows for YouTube/Facebook fans.

It's mostly been because I've been getting my new subscription live streamed service After Hours off the ground. Now it is up and running, I aim to get back to putting out new shows ASAP!

For those of you who are wanting to see live gigs in the comfort of your own home,  then my new After Hours subscription service is for you!  Each week (and sometimes more) I go live.  Tomorrow night's show features my other half Karen Warbis singing a few numbers with me too!  See photo!

So sit tight folks, I'm gearing up to return to normal very very soon! In the meantime,  Big shout out to my After Hours subscribers!

 Find out more about After Hours and how to subscribe here: After Hours.  

NEWS: Fri 15th Feb 2021 | Kevin & JD - Fast Forward!

When I launched my Monday Blues Session series in 2020, I had no idea how popular it would become. 
I wrote the backing tracks with the express intention of letting people use them for their own recordings for YouTube, provided I was given a credit.
Enter Kevin & JD, two Canadian blues artists who used my blues backing tracks to form the basis of their new blues album.
Thanks so much guys! Keep Rockin'

NEWS: Thurs Jan 14th 2021 | Rock Shows To Return Soon!

Folks, I've been taking a bit of time out from producing shows. I am focusing on putting on better shows each time, which is taking longer to produce, and more effort.  Producing video is extremely labour intensive, people have no idea!

But, in these dark times, I have every intention of keep you lot entertained real soon with the continuation of my Friday and Saturday Night Rock Shows!

Stay tuned, stay safe and stay indoors!

Stay At Home | Save Lives | Protect The NHS

NEWS: Tues Jan 5th 2021 | 3rd UK Lockdown!

Unfortunately, the Covid crisis has worsened with a new variant, and as a result the whole of the UK has been plunged into a UK lockdown for the 3rd time since last March 2020.
That means, zero live gigs for the foreseeable future, and all my lessons will be done remotely, via video recordings.

For more information on the covid-19 pandemic and how it's affecting live musicians check out my Covid-19 page.

As usual, I will be making sure you are kept entertained throughout these dark months ahead. 
Let's hope the vaccine programme kicks into action as soon as possible!
Please stay safe! 

NEWS: Jan 2021 | Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! Let's Hope 2021 brings good news and happiness for everyone!
I hope to be releasing new video content to you very soon!
Wishing you a safe and prosperous 2021! Steve x

NEWS: Top 10 Show, NYE 2020, 10pm!

My end of year show, Top 10 Countdown is going live this New Year's Eve 2020 at 10pm.

I've selected 10 of my personal favourite songs, with a little help from feedback from you guys, from shows 36 to 45 and put them together with a running commentary from myself.

Filled with anecdotes, the story of the early shows from lockdown,  to today, together with extra compilation clips, and loads more. At 1hr 26mins, this should see you all into the New Year in style! 

Join me New Years Eve at 10pm for my Top 10 countdown show...

Steve Forward Live | Knocking On Heaven's Door

NEWS: Dec 2020 | New Website!

Hey everyone, A very warm welcome to my new website!~
I've wanted to clean things up on my website for a few years now but never had the time.

Lock-down in the UK, has meant, I've had the opportunity to rework, and improve the website. I'm loving the cleaner neater, simpler layout. Just bear with me whilst I migrate everything over!

Thanks for stopping by, I will hopefully see you soon.
Stay safe! Steve X

New Things for 2020...

I've massively increased the video content, as people have wanted to see me playing live, so this website will be largely reflecting the new photo and video content. 

The lesson side of things will be ramped up too, I now offer HD quality video bespoke lessons to each student, and when things settle down and this vaccine rolls out, I will be taking students back on again for private tuition at my home studio.

Keeping it Social... and Safe!

As my YouTube, Facebook and Instagram pages have grown, I've wanted to integrate them more into my website, so you will find some new and interesting things on here. Just give me time to get things organised.
As of right now, it's important to keep our loved ones safe, and get through this pandemic!
So, sit back, just enjoy the content I'm putting out and if you want to help me out, keep sharing and scubscribe to my YouTube, and if you can, consider adding to my Tip Jar/Donation page! Thank you! X