Back in 2010, I wrote, recorded and released an album of purely vocal orientated songs, Strange Kind Of Life.  Upon it's release I enjoyed listening to it, and it sold well, but I've always wanted to remix and re-arrange certain parts of it.  

This is the definitive version, with new drums, bass, keys, and fresh guitar parts where needed!  All of the vocals have been extensively reworked too making this a must have for any rock loving fans! 

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01 | Strange Kind Of Life
02 | Falling Away
03 | Paradise
04 | Movin' Up
05 | Getting Our Groove On
06 | Make My Day
07 | Make The World Stop
08 | Crossfire
09 | Everything's Gone
10 | Sanity


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Strange Kind Of Life | The Story & Concept

Here's a rough breakdown of what I had in mind when writing each track, some are serious, some are fun... 

Shot in a back street in Amsterdam, the photo served as the visual inspiration behind me writing this album. 

This street reminded me of the complexities and struggles of life. I wanted each track to be a representation of life and the daily world we live in.  

■ 1 | Strange Kind Of Life
Homelessness throughout urban cities. A constant struggle. 

■ 2 | Falling Away
Nuclear war, pre and post apocalypse, nuclear fallout, and how we would learn to live together better, and how precarious life is. 

■ 3 | Paradise
All about plastic surgery and our obsession with good looks. 

■ 4 | Movin' Up
Pushing on in the face of adversity, and how change can sometimes be a good thing. 

■ 5 | Getting our Groove On
All about heading out on the town and having fun. Enjoying life. Partying and being around good friends. 

6 | Make My Day
Those that know me, know about my fascination with a certain Aussie pop singer,  so I thought it would be fun to put this song together.

7 | Make The World Stop
A hot date, fun times, and having the most fun with a new adventure, pursuit or relationship.  Don't forget the plane ticket!

8 | Crossfire
The lyrics speak for themselves. Never listen to anyone and do your own thing. Then you'll be in heaven. Go blaze your own path and love what you do!

9 | Everything's Gone
Thinking back to my school days and meeting up with long lost friends. Talking about the old days and reconnecting. 

■ 10 |  Sanity
When life gets too much, how we learn to cope with the struggles life throws at us, and how hard it can be sometimes to stay mentally healthy.  Sometimes, It's okay to be not okay.  Stay strong.

Album Info | Song Lyrics

The album title, Strange Kind Of Life occured to me when walking in Amsterdam sometime in 2008, and seeing this little dark alleyway.

I managed to snap a few pictures, but afterwards, kept coming back to this picture thinking it would make for a great album cover of rock original vocal songs. Simple as that really. I loved the whole urban feel of it with the sprawling graffitti. 

For the album relaunch, I wanted to make available better lyric sheets for those that want them. I've left out the bonus/hidden track 11's lyrics, "The Long Trip Home" though, see if you can figure them out :)
Click on thumnail for full size. 

1 - Strange Kind Of Life

2 - Falling Away
(Page 1)

2 - Falling Away
(Page 2)

3 - Paradise

4 - Movin' Up

5 - Getting Our Groove On

6 - Make My Day
(Page 1)

6 - Make My Day
(Page 2)

7 - Make The World Stop

8 - Crossfire
(Page 1)

8 - Crossfire
(Page 2)

9 - Everything's Gone

10 - Sanity (Page 1)

10 - Sanity (Page 2)