■  Custom Video Guitar Lessons.
Since 2020 when the whole of the UK went into lockdown, I was faced with the task of providing lessons to my students remotely.
I am now able to offer something unique to my existing and new students, Custom Video Guitar Lessons...

Clear, Focused Goals...
Clear, step by step focused tuition, showing you the fingerings, note choices, with full analysis given every step of the way.
Bespoke video guitar lessons are not the same as generic YouTube video lessons. The lessons are meant for you, and only you.
Custom video lessons are available to anyone, anytime and anywhere in the world.  

■  Your Content, to Keep and Watch. Forever.
Contact me with your needs. I produce the lesson. Then it's yours to watch, and download. Forever. Learn at your own pace.  Stop, Pause, Play Rewind the lesson examples time and time again.
Any relevant sheets, backing tracks, and lesson notes are emailed to you, along with the video lesson link, neat and tidy in one single email. 

Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere...
Watch the lesson at a time that suits, you.  
All the videos have multiple camera angles, and in HD quality, and 24-bit/48Khz audio.
Video guitar lessons will be based on your needs, taught in a friendly manner,  as if you were in the same room.