All my original music now online!

In 2023 I put all my original albums onto Distrokid, and my YouTube channel got upgraded to an Official Artist Channel.
Stream all my original music on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and Apple Music. 

This has led me to the decision to now release my music digitally only, through streaming platforms, or through PayPal digital downloads on this website for higher resolution quality.

Original Instrumental Rock | Rock Vocal Albums.

These are my current original releases.
All of these were re-mixed, re-mastered and in some places completely re-recorded from the ground up, notably 7 Bridges 2 Cross and Overture, in 2018.

At present, my only original rock vocal album is Strange Kind Of Life

All the other 4 albums are instrumental rock albums in genre of Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani.
 Another World (TBA) has long been in development and wll get released at some point in the near future. 

Relaxing Sounds 1|2 - Original Ambient Albums.

These ambient relaxation albums were a complete departure for me, but I am quite proud of how they came out in the end.

These two contrasting albums are for Spring, Summer (Relaxing Sounds 1) and Autumn, Winter (Relaxing Sounds 2)

Rock Classics 1|2, Hendrix | Beatles | Pink Floyd Tribute Albums. 

Done more as a, "what if I did this.." experiment and to partly learn how to record and use MIDI/Audio and DAW's.  

These albums are on YouTube for people to listen to. I'm proud of the work I put into these cover albums, and if you like them, then just give them a like and comment over on my YouTube channel.  

I wanted something to sell at gigs, alongside my original music, so after setting up a home studio back in 2009, I set about making some cover albums.

These are the original releases I put out in 2009, 2010. 

There are plans to remix/remaster and re-release these!
If you'd like to download or purchase these cover albums in their original higher quality audio formats, then just email me.

One Floyd | The Dark Side Of The Moon Tribute Album.

This was a colossal amount of work. Following on from my Hendrix, then Beatles album remakes, I set about tempo mapping the entire album of Pink Floyd's, The Dark Side Of The Moon. Yeah, right!

I enlisted the help of some top class musicians and set to work. Throughout all of 2012/2013 this took up most of my spare time in between teaching and gigging.

Check out My One Floyd website for more information on my Solo Pink Floyd Tribute Show.
I don't do many of them these days, but never say never. I also stream a lot of Pink Floyd on my Twitch/YouTube shows.