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Bear wtih my whilst I update this section...
I use Cubase for all serious production work like backing tracks, client tracks, stings, jingles etc. 

I prefer to use hardware loopback on my UR824's or UR44 Steinberg audio interfaces. Makes life so much easier to get the audio into OBS from Cubase or Ableton when I live loop.

I used to use Reaper for streaming the audio into OBS and ReaStream, which I found worked really well. 

Drop me an email or head to my Discord if you need any help or advice on setting up for recording or live streaming. 


I mostly use Marshall amps, or the ENGL Powerball models.

Years ago, I was turned onto IK Multimedia's Amplitube and was hooked ever since.  I still currently run Amplitube 3, despite owning version 4.  I can really recommend it.  All of my Blues Shows and all my sessions and recordings are usually done with Amplitube.

I much prefer real world analogue gear, mostly because I was put off by those plastic Line 6 things years ago. Amplitube is nothing like this. I've tried Kemper's, and loved them, but I still keep coming back to Amplitube for studio recordings...

I have various preset packs available for download, if you want them, just email. Mostly people ask for my Pink Floyd ones, notably for my Shine On You Crazy Diamond remake I made a few years ago.

Even though in 2022-2023 I use AxeFx Fractal FM3, I still use Amplitube 3, 4 and now 5 for ease of use. 

IK's JMP-1 model is superb.

Amplitube 3|4 Presets Pack

I'm now making available my presets that I use for certain songs. So many of you have been asking me about getting the Pink Floyd Amplitube presets, so let's start there... 

You can grab the .zip file containing all the presets for Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Run Like Hell and more from the link below...

Amplitube 3|4 Pink Floyd Preset Pack

I'll be adding more preset packs in the future to this page! 

I mostly use a Phase Nine, and the MXR Dynacomp...
Same as I do live!

Amplitube Pedals | CABS

Here are some screen shots of a few of my presets.

Of all the plugins and software programs I've used,  Amplitube 3 and 4 seem to be the ones that nail it closer than any other for me. There are other ones out there like Bias etc, but I'm pretty sold on Amplitube's excellent workflow.

Amplitube 4's stunning cab/speaker room.

I'm a fan of Amplitube 4 and 5...

■  Amplitube 5 promises the loading of custom IR's (finally) as well as a slew of new features, so definitely check that out!.

By the way, I'm not endorsed by IK Multimedia in any way, I just really rate their products as a musician. With players, endorsees and preset packs from Joe Satriani, Brian May, Dimebag Darrell, Jimi Hendrix and more, IK get my vote!

For the record, I had the opportunity to try and use the "big two" amp modellers out there at the moment, and the difference was so slight, that in a mix, or live setting, you'd never know the difference.   Go Amplitube!