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As I grow, change and adapt to doing more live streaming alongside my session work and IRL gigs,  from time to time I will change and adapt certain shows, or archive them. 

These are the original YouTube promo pages for my live streamed/produced content from 2020 and 2021, and early 2022.
At some point they will make a return, or disappear completley to be replaced by something new, or combined into a new show format.  

As of 2023 onwards, I'm really happy with my "Steve Forward Guitarist" (SF|Guitarist) live streams on Twitch, Kick as I can combine my original, live looped content, Pink Floyd tracks, Jams and covers all under one bracket, my own name.

Sunday Nights (and other days on ocassion too!) After Hours is where I get to chill and engage with my YouTube community, along with special guests, including Miss Wiggles!  It's the perfect stream to round off the week and chill.  All my shows are now multi streamed where possible across all three platforms, Twitch, YouTube and Kick. 


SFLive is my live streamed show focusing solely on my original instrumental rock music. 

This was what I originally started streaming too, SFLive content remains a part of ALL my live streams, and I now combine covers & originals in almost all my live streams.

 Head on over to the SFLive page and be sure to check out my live streams on Twitch and YouTube.

The Friday Night Rock Show started out as a produced show, with it's own jingle.


It's now a permanent fixture over on Twitch as a live streamed show.

Again, all of the content produced is still up on YouTube as well as all of the VODs from Twitch! So go check them out!

Live streaming this show is a great way for me to combine elements of SFLive and live looped improvised elements now and again.

The Big Saturday Night Rock Show has been combined with After Hours on a Sunday Night on YouTube, but also with The Friday Night Rock Show.  The emphasis was on fun tunes and good vibes!

As I stream regularly, I've taken elements from both the Friday & Saturday shows, SFLive and put them into one live stream 3 times a week over on my Twitch, Kick and YouTube channels.

There are plans to bring back The Big Saturday Night Rock Show at some point, but for now, enjoy the videos over on my page and YouTube channel...

 The Monday Blues Session was a way for me to create and jam over original content in the Blues/Rock genre.

It started out with me hitting record in OBS and jamming over a few tracks, but went into full production and editing mode later on with guest artists. 

In early 2022, I turned it into a Monday night feature over on Twitch as a live stream too. 

Soon after, in March 2022, Twitch wanted to put me on the front page, so I decided to combine my cover sets and original catalogue together to better showcase what I do.