Fender Eric Clapton Strat

My absolute no.1 guitar.
Since getting this in 2009, it instantly became my most used guitar on all my gigs, sessions and lessons.
Quite simply the best guitar Fender make. The midboost circuitry and TBX tone circuits, along with the satin finished neck, the neck tilt adjustment, and gorgeous Fender contours.
I'd have 100 of them if I could, all in the same creamy colour!
Fitted with Highwood saddles, and Callaham bridge screws.

GIbson Les Paul Classic

2002 Gibson Les Paul.
Fitted with Seymour Duncan Signature 'Slash' Zebra pickups.
Fitted with Woman Tone & Jensen OIP caps, and 500k pots.
A great sounding guitar. Used for all my Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore, Free and Guns and Roses cover tracks.

Custom Ibanez Jem

Built from a Nate Perle Swirl Maple Body, and an RG750 Wizard II neck in 2011.
Pickups are DiMarzio PAF Pro's and a JEM single coil. 250k pots, and an original Edge trem.
I use this for all of my widdly widdly guitar solos, and instrumental album releases. It has a great tone.

Burns Brian May

This guitar was purchased for a recording session where I had to recreate a number of Queen tracks for a production house. It's completely stock.
I even use sixpence pieces just like Mr.May himself.
One of my best purchases ever.

Gibson SG

Used throughout my Black Sabbath tribute band days, this guitar is now my go to guitar for all things Cream and AC/DC as well as the odd Sabbath tune.
It's completely stock, sounds great. On the day I tried out several for the neck/body weight distirbution. This one came out tops.
I have plans to change the electrics and pickups, but for now, a great guitar.

Fender Gilmour Replica

This started life as a mid-80's strat 'Silver Series'... I Replaced the broken neck with a Fender 50's vintage neck.
The usual Duncan Little 59's, in Bridge and Neck positions.
Callaham bridge trem screws and a custom engraved Jimi Hendrix neck plate seal the deal.

Fender 'Ouija' Custom

Fender Mexican 1991 Strat.
Modded with Seymour Duncan Little '59's
Custom mirror plate, and fitted with a Wudtone trem system. The Wudtone trem upgrade has transformed this guitar, tuning stability is amazing, and the tone and sustain is improved. I can recommend these trems!
A custom OUIJA neck plate fitted along with Fender locking tuners and a well cut graphite nut.

Fender 'Milkybar' Strat

Bought back in 2010, this guitar rarely comes out to play, but plays a crucial role in my session work here at my home studio.
Strings are fitted with DR Neon's (Pink or Orange!) along with a custom engraved Jimi Hendrix neck plate.
Pickups are a Little 59' in the Neck, and a Hot Rails in the Bridge.
Stock 250k pots and Locking Tuner Machine Heads complete the package on this creamy, dreamy sounding lush guitar.

Ibanez RG

An old Ibanez RG, reverse headstock, with a brand new OFR (Original Floyd Rose)
Pickups are stock (for now) but the biggest improvement in tone, was replacing the trem system and electronics.

This guitar stays permanently tuned to Drop D tuning for any heavier guitar work that may be needed.
A great guitar, it has had numerous setups and tweaks done to it.

Peavey Wolfgang QT Special

Bought in around 2003 sometime, I spent a whole afternoon with the cheap version and the USA model, and by the end of it, couldn't tell much of a difference.

Not only is it a great playing guitar, but the pickups sound really good, and it has a great playing neck.

Other Instruments...
Bass guitars, Acoustic & Classical guitars, and more...

Fender Jazz Bass

This was bought around 2014 mainly to teach my bass students, and for recording work.

It's completely stock, sounds great, it's a squier series model, so nothing too outrageous here!

Steel String Acoustic Guitar.

This has had a Fishman Pickup fitted to it, new machineheads, new nut, and a new bridge saddle.

It's a basic no name generic acoustic, as I am not that keen on acoustics, but, as a session musician, they are a necessary evil, and I have to have at least one for recording rhythm guitar tracks.

Admira Classical/Spanish Guitar

I've had this for about 25 years now and in that time, it's had new bridges, machine heads and various nut changes. I keep the action low and the strings fresh.

Used mainly for Classical playing, or for when I need something different on my sessions.