AxeFX | FM3
Steve now plays Fractal AXE-FX Gear!

New Gear Upgrade for 2022!

New for 2022, I have finally upgraded to the amazing Fractal Axe-FX.
It's been on my radar for quite some time, so look out for demos, gear reviews, and various Twitch live stream specials on this amazing unit.
Simply put, well done Fractal, you've smashed it.

The Fractal Axe FX FM3. Steve upgraded from JMP-1 preamps, after 20+ years, to come fully up to date. The feel, response and realism is absolutely spot on.

Marshall JMP-1 and IR's

Luckily, I've found an Impulse Response of the JMP-1's Speaker Emulated Out., and will be releasing my JMP-1 patches for free on this very page soon!

Keep checking back on this page as I venture into this incredible Fractal journey!