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New for 2022, I have finally upgraded to the amazing Fractal Axe-FX. It's been on my radar for quite some time, so look out for demos, gear reviews, and various Twitch live stream specials on this amazing unit. Fractal, you've smashed it!

Marshall JMP-1?! What Happened?!

Many of you know I've been a longtime Marshall JMP-1 user, often just going direct from the speaker emulated outs. For the time being, I will still be taking my JMP-1's out to my IRL (In Real Life) gigs.

Live gigs are somewhat unpredictable lol, and I'd rather not put an AxeFx unit on the floor with beer spilling about the place!

However, that said, eventually, I will be moving over to AxeFx gear for everything, so maybe a custom made pedalboard to protect things.

My main reasons for upgrading were because my JMP-1's are getting old! The effects loops were starting to fail, as well as the internal components. Plus, I just felt it was time to upgrade. So far, I'm excited about the new range of tones available to me. I'm a Fractal convert. The tones and feel of the amps are exceptional.

Grab my FM3 Presets, Layouts & Effects Libraries | Updated 31st Aug 2022

My Main JMP-1 Preset...

I use mainly one preset, my "kitchen sink" preset, consisting of 8 scenes. My main goal, as the AxeFx can feel overwhelming to start with, was to re-create my main JMP-1 tones and effects that I needed to get a livestream/session, and later gig, done!

My Scenes are laid out like this:
1 - Rhythm
2 - Lead 1 (some delay)
3 - Lead 2 (more delay)
4 - Clean
5 - Whammy Pedal
6 - Talkbox (Formant block)
7 - Bach Organ (Octave/Pitch Block)
8 - FloydPhase (Expression Pedal Phase 90)

The FM-3 Edit makes life much easier! (See screen grab)

Here are some relevant YouTube videos...

Here is a live performance of me playing Satriani's, 'Always With Me, Always With You', on one of my After Hours live streams. I'm using the Rockman Patch that Leon Todd uploaded to the Fractal forum as the basis.

Continuining on with my theme of creating artist presets, here is the first iteration of my Gilmour style lead tone for Shine on you crazy diamond...