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Don't be a chump! Please adhere to the latest Government guidelines, so live musicians can get back to gigging sooner, rather than later!

Latest Government Advice.


Hi everyone. As you are no doubt aware, the pandemic has decimated the live music scene.  However, we must, at all costs, adhere to the Government guidelines, and maintain social distancing, wash our hands regularly, and above all, WEAR A  MASK!

Since March 2020, I played two gigs, one in August, and one in October,  both were well organised, and either outdoors, or with sufficient covid-safe restrictions put in place.  But that was it! Two Gigs! Can I please remind people that live gigs will not be returning to the UK anytime soon. 

Big festivals and major touring artists are still unsure about what to do, and, as I write this on December 30th 2020, despite us having numerous vaccines approved and ready for roll out, it will be many more months, before I will be regularly out gigging again. 

I am trying to take on as much work as I can,  as a guitar/piano teacher doing remote video lessons,  session work, and online shows.  I am, at present, running a Tip Jar/Donation policy, whereby I put out video shows each week, and people can voluntarily donate.   I am grateful for the help and support I have been receiving, Please keep it up! Thank You!

Stay safe everyone!