Guitar Zone came about in 2020 when I started doing video lessons for all my students. This is where you'll find free video lessons all related to guitars, music, backing tracks and tech. Also I like to put some performances of my own original material. It's so new it still has yolk behind its ears...

Guitar Zone | How To... | #01 | Picking

First Guitar Zone video is all about rock guitar picking. Here are a few examples, complete with TAB.
Sweep picking and alternate picking exercises are covered in this mini-lesson, along with a little biog on the players that inspired me when learning guitar.

Pink Floyd | Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

I sometimes do a one man Pink Floyd tribue show called One Floyd, and before I went out and did these shows, the backing tracks all needed to be made. Check out One Floyd
Here is my remake of Pink Floyd's, 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond'. It features Ian Thompson (ABC|The Foundations) on Saxophone.
One of my side-jobs as a musician is that I write and create backing tracks for clients and myself to perform to.

Queen'S - A KInd OF MAgic Guitar SolO

I have my Dad to thank for turning me onto the music of Queen, and Brian May as a guitar influence.
Here is a video from ages ago, where I'm walking you through how I recreated the outro guitar solo of this epic track.

Watch loads more Guitar Zone videos with the Guitar Zone YouTube Playlist.