News Update: July 2021 |  The Big Saturday Night Rock Show will be on hold temporarily, as I undertake my live streamed events. 
But look out for the return of The Friday Night Rock Show. I am always looking to change things around from time to time, but this is most certainly not the end of The Big Saturday Night Rock Show and The Friday Night Rock Show.
I am looking to make these into one show, The Friday Night Rock Show in the future, with new content. Stay tuned!

Saturday Night. Sorted...

The Big Saturday Night Rock Show, is similar to The Friday Night Rock Show, but a bit more light hearted!

Expect 80's songs from Bryan Adams, The Police,  The Clash,  alongside the occasional  AC/DC or Metallica track. 

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The Big Saturday Night Rock Show Jingle.

I wrote this jingle shortly after writing the Friday Night jingle, but this is a lot less heavy. You'll hear this at the beginning of every show.

Now and again I like to add/remove certain aspects of the video intro,  keep it fresh, but the theme remains!

#43 | Halloween Special 2020

Those that know me, know I love Halloween.  During lockdown 2020, I put out a special Halloween show on Saturday 31st October!

The Timewarp (Rocky Horror),  Abracadabra (Steve Miller), Spirit In The Sky (Norman Greenbaum) and others all featured in the show. Great Fun!

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