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Keep up to speed with what I'm up to with Video Log updates only available on this website!
These let people know what I'm up to and is the quickest way to deliver news and updates to you all.
These are only available for a few weeks at a time, and are only available to watch on this website.  
There also may be a surprise or two in my video log. I recommend keeping up with these!

#004 |  Monday 11th October 2021 | Wow Too Long, Whoops!

A new VLog, finally! Sorry it's taken a while.  Taken from my Monday Rehearsals, I'm just chatting and doing a small amount of guitar playing.
 Good to be back with these, I aim to make a lot more of them folks, with guitar playing on them as well!  Cheers! X 

#003 |  Saturday 1st May 2021

Sorry folks, been a while! But I'm back with a new VLOG for you all. This time, talking about my newly launched After Hours show.
Way too much to talk about in one single VLog episode but I'll do my best eh?! I'm also playing a bit of guitar! 
Check it all out right now.  Don't forget to sign up for my After Hours live streamed service!  Check it out here

#002 |  Wednesday 24th March 2021

In this Vlog I'm taking a look at the new website in depth, along with looking at Streamlabs.
There's an updated gig history section, gig guide (covid permitting!), a fan photos section, along with selected videos from my YouTube channel, and more!  Stick around, it'll be fun!

#001 |  Friday 12th March 2021

Welcome folks, to my new VLOG. 
Watch it first only on, right here!